Choosing your Family Photographer

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The image below was taken over a decade ago, I found it recently during a mass clear out of my studio (this is a photo of the photo so it isn’t the best quality here); I unearthed documents going back to 2009 so clearly this task was long overdue!

family photo shoot yorkshire

I have taken so many family photographs since, but I really remember this shoot, for all the right reasons and have always loved this image although I had half forgotten about it.

Why do I love it? Because for me it embodies all that an image of a family should…there is warmth, an interconnection, everyone is in it and no main player is absent because they are taking the photo, even the dog gets to join in! Above all, it is timeless, in black and white, without being forced and difficult to reproduce on your iPhone! 

A quick word about interconnection, see how each person is looking at another in the image and how they are all physically connected too.

Family photography isn’t an easy option, it takes time, time to gain the trust and confidence of your subjects but also time in post production; this means what the photographer does afterwards to the images to make them his or her own, their signature style. 

When you look through a photographer’s work do you see a true representation of colour or a fashionable look which will go out of fashion in a few short years? Are the images unique, has composition been considered, how are they lit? Is there an element of imagination and a degree of collaboration between subject and photographer or are the subjects simply doing what a hundred families have done before with the same photographer in the same location?

None of this may matter to you but if it does, and you see photography as an art, these are thoughts which might well be worth considering when selecting a photographer for your family.

Whilst I love my black and white work and this is what most of my clients buy,  I do enjoy colour too and for all my shoots I supply both a full set of colour and black and white images as full resolution Jpegs.

Interconnection and love

Emotion and love take an image so much further but to to make it really special the light needs to be right; in the images below we used the ambient light just in the shade of the room in front of some large bi fold doors. Both images were taken at the client’s home, so that in time, these photographs will have even more meaning to them as opposed to an image taken on a random day in a random place.

Below photographs from the same family shoot earlier this year (during those warm days between lockdowns) place the family firmly in their home environment.

All these ideas about what makes a successful family shoot can be seen in these images below from early Autumn this year. Again, the shoot was at home, but with an almost grown family, however the principles are just the same, namely interconnection, fun, showing what makes them tick as a unit and again those all important natural displays of emotion and love.

Telling a story below and showing what their son is passionate about!

All relatively serious above to this below 🙂

An Autumn Shoot 2020

Here are a selection of images which show that you can get great shots even with very young children. This little one is tiny, yet she gave it her all for well over an hour, giving me plenty of time to capture these images for her parents and grandparents to enjoy and share.

A few favourites

One Last Thing...

If you look at the three images above one is an action shot, one in colour and a thoughtful portrait and finally an intense stare from a little girl who was all light and laughter during our shoot (check out the final image) except for the few moments when I asked her to concentrate really hard and stare down the camera. Different moods can be captured within a few moments and they show so much more than the “lets go to the park and take some photos for half an hour,” school of photography. Good family photography is an investment, it takes some thought (from me), a willingness to spend a little time on a shoot (that’s you) and it isn’t for everyone but if you feel a family shoot with me might be something you would enjoy then do get in touch via the contact forms on my website or drop me an email.