Suzy Mitchell Fine Art Prints

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Launching Suzy Mitchell Fine Art Prints

Times move on and I no longer shoot weddings but have been thrilled to see my family photography maintain itself and ride out the past 12 months despite a pandemic! Alongside shooting lots of my wedding clients’ children and reshooting kids I photographed 5 or more years ago I have decided to share  and start to sell my personal work.

Suzy Mitchell Photography-Fine Art- Snow in New York-1
The shot above, of ice skating in a snowy Central Park has an iconic feel, with its almost “Lowry” like figures and that well known skyline. I took it whilst my husband helped our then young daughters to put on their skates.

The decision to start selling some of my photographs was an easy one. Friends loved them which led me to think that others might too. 

My absolute favourite set of images though are these grand palms situated outside the museum of Malaga, Southern Spain. Taking them involved lying on my back for a substantial part of a very hot afternoon! 

They look fantastic together!

At present I have limited my offering to three sets of images. To find out more take a look here:-

Symphonies in Green and Blue

These will warm up a cold wet day.

One Last Thing...

The image below is part of an idea which is taking shape and may end up as one of a set of images. Taken in Tarifa last Summer. Perhaps symphony in orange and blue this time?