Photographic Art - The Start of an Expensive Habit

My love affair with photographic art books goes back over 20 years…we were in Whitby, just the two of us, the time pre kids. Within a second hand book shop I discovered a brand new, cellophane wrapped, copy of Jean Loup Sieff’s “ Forty Years of Photography”. It proved to be not just a seminal moment but the foundation for all the other books which followed.

I fell in love with his imagery years before I started to photograph with any seriousness at all; He underpinned my love affair with black and white coupled with the grainy film which he employed (and which makes me yearn to return to the days when I shot film). His book is the one on the left below…

My copy of his book is battered, the dust cover torn, however the biggest compliment that I can pay JLS is that each time I settle down and turn the pages an image will appear which I don’t believe I’ve seen before, patently this cannot be so…today it was plate 230 “ Palms in the Seychelles”

Google him….I challenge you not to be sucked into his clean, chic, sassy imagery, a mesmerising mix of the documentary with meticulously planned fashion shoots, famous faces (Alfred Hitchcock for one), the “beautiful people,” and the mundane. More than these though was his awesome use of light, rich inky blacks , sparkling whites with every tone represented in between.

A complete class act and still my favourite!

A few from the collection below